Unable to Buy Credits?

Payment Decline or Transaction Failed error?

The answer for this is that:

You need to check first that whether your Debit/Credit card allows you to do International online payment. If not than………….. It is a Domestic card.

Simply contact your bank and ask them to change your Debit Card to international.

You don’t need to tell them anything regarding this site and they will not ask. Anyhow you can say that you want to buy some stuff online.



More Info about Domestic card issue:

As per the survey done by us we found that each bank has their own procedure to do it

  • Some banks just do this on customer request may be on call
  • They may show you the settings how it can be enabled through net banking if you have access to it
  • They may ask you to write an application request for it and it may take some few days to cancel the present card and give you a new card with international access.

The duration needed for this process varies on the type of bank

If its Govt Bank than it will take 7-8 working days and if its private Bank than it may take less than 24 hours.

1.) All the new Debit or Credit card issued by banks will allow usage in India only. If the customer wants to carry out international usage, the cards will have a EMV chip embedded on the card and will pin enabled.

2.) For existing Debit and Credit card customers, the issuing bank will need to convert the normal cards (which have traditional magstrip) into EMV chip and pin enabled (this will be one for users who have used the card internationally at least once).

3.) Banks will put a threshold limit on international usage beyond which users will not be able to spend. The limit will be decided by Bank based on the risk profile of user.

4.) Banks need to ensure that all terminals that accept card swiping should be certified for PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards) and PA-DSS (Payment Applications – Data Security Standards).

If you still facing issues, please visit this page to learn more about Entropy



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